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New Beginnings

Pastor Rick Warren often states, “We count people because people count.” Numbers matter. Working at a megachurch, it is easy to let the numbers then equate to the success or failure of an event or ministry. You can imagine the disappointment when numbers are low, especially when compounded by the fact that much time and effort has been invested. However, if and when this happens, I try to remember that God knows exactly who needed to be there. There have been countless occasions in ministry that I have literally told fellow volunteers or staff members these exact words. Whether it is a handful or Worship Center-full of people it is just the right number that needed to be there.

And so, I begin this intrepid blog and post with this ongoing ministry lesson because it is first my own personal reminder—even if a handful of people should stumble upon this blog, then that is exactly what God wanted. Truly, my pride has kept me from writing. I figured, who on earth would care to read what I have to say? I am by NO stretch of the imagination a big deal or fountain of wisdom. Not to mention I just have “too much” going on. But instead of letting my own insecurities and excuses get the best of me, here I am. Thank you to my husband’s ever-present encouragement and nudges to step out. I hope you too have someone in your life that pushes you to be the best version of you. Even when it can seem overwhelming.

With this new beginning for myself, and hopefully you, let me first introduce myself. This year I will be celebrating 11 incredible years of marriage. We have four wonderfully and uniquely created children ages 7, 6, 4 (almost 5), and 2 years old. I work in full-time ministry (children’s and parents) and part-time Christian counseling. These foundations of who I am are the bases from which I hope to write, share, and connect with you. I am trusting that as I step out in faith with this new beginning that new connections, learnings, and opportunities will arise. I claim in NO way, shape, or form to have it all together. In fact, quite the opposite. But I hope that in the messiness of life we can grow together. May this be a venue for conversation, community, and connection as I share about ministry, mommyhood, marriage & family therapy topics, and much, much MORE! Looking forward to getting to know you! Here we go!

What is one NEW thing that you need to take a risk and start OR stop NOW?


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